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Aaron Sprinkle
Vocals and Guitar
Nick Barber
Bass and Background Vocals
Paul Mumaw
Drums and Percussion
Terry Coggins
Guitar and Background Vocals

For those who don't know, Rose Blossom Punch was a short-lived band started back around 1995 as a side project by Aaron Sprinkle and Paul Mumaw.  They wrote and recorded their first song, "Sowing In The Sun," and it was quickly thrown onto a compilation CD called "Artcore Volume One."  Shortly afterwards, they made another appearance with the song "See It In Me" on the second "Artcore" album.  Over the next couple of years they changed the roster a bit and released another song ("Based On A True Story") and then, in 1997, they released their first full length project: "Ephemere."  It followed the direction that Nick and Aaron's previous band, Poor Old Lu, could have potentially been heading towards.  It was dark and beautiful.  They spent the next couple of years touring and working out problems with record labels and finally settled with Jackson Rubio, only to decide that they were going to head their separate ways.  They've recorded an EP called "Sorry To Disappoint You" which was supposed to be released on the new label last December, but never was.  It lay on the shelf for nearly a year until December 2000 rolled around, when they released it independently through  There were also rumors floating around about Rose Blossom Punch getting back together with a new drummer, but those were never too concrete, and faded fairly quickly.  One can only hope . . .

more to come

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